About FC Goa


FC Goa’s grassroots development programme which commenced in February 2015, saw FC Goa reaching out to over 20,000 children and actively mentoring and coaching over 1500 students from 16 schools in the sport of football.


North Goa Schools

  • St. Anthony, Duler
  • St. Anthony, Guirim
  • St. Britto’s Mapusa
  • Saraswat School, Mapusa
  • St. Joseph, Arpora
  • Assagao Union, Assagao
  • St. Lawrence, Agassaim
  • Fr. Agnel Pilar (Central & Goa Board)
  • South Goa Schools

  • St. Rita, Maina
  • Fr. Agnel Ashram
  • St. Rock’s, Velim
  • St. Xavier, Velim
  • St. Joseph, Chandor
  • Assumpta Covent, chinchinim
  • Our Lady Mother of Poor Tilamol
  • Fatima School, Rivona

    • To Create a huge Grassroots base in order to have a wider pool of Youth players to choose from.
    • To create a talent pool in which talented players come together to further improve themselves.
    • To continue our Search for the next Romeo and Mandar who benefited from such programmes.
    • We have adopted the “Game method” of training in our coaching philosophy as it is the best form of Modern Coaching.
    • In this method the players are put in situations where there is always an opponent, a direction and targets. We believe by doing so they will develop as a modern player who makes quick, good decisions in the game most of the time.
    • We have introduced a form of training called “maximal training". In this, all 4 components of training i.e. Technical,Tactial,Physical and Mental are all trained at the same time. For Example: Our Training always challenges the mind and allows the players to make decisions thus preparing them for the complexity of the game at the highest level.
    • We tied up with 16 schools in February 2015 with a huge GR Launch festival with 800 kids.
    • In March 2015, our programme actually took off.
    • We have a monthly theoretical work shop/ practical where the Development officer provides the programme for the following month from warm up to cool down. In future there are plans to demand the coaching sessions from the coaches based on our principles and philosophy so that they grow as well.
    • We are into the 5th month of our GR program. We have achieved our objective of number of attendance for our training sessions. We believe the reason is because our training gives them interesting objectives to work with, in a fun environment and gives them a chance to express their talents because our main principle of training is “learn through playing”.
    • We believe that at the level we are working, we need to work on technique, technique and only technique because without it there cannot be tactics in the future.
    • In the months ahead we will get a chance to measure our progress as all our schools will participate in the All Goa school tournaments, U-13, U-14 and U-15. We are also in process of assembling a talent pool of 30 boys for our U-14 team from all our 16 schools. They will participate in the GFA U-14 1st division.